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Re: Dunton Road

Postby Tony Payne » Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:34 pm

fosney wrote:Dunton Road- Railway Bridge

Looking from the Dun Cow end of Dunton Road towards the Railway Bridge. Earl Road sweeps round to the right and out of sight on the left would be Marcia Road, behind us to the right was Georges Fish And Chip Shop, The Hole in the Wall.
On the left at the bottom of the bridge are the wooden gates that led into the Railway Yard.
The Chimney of Youngs Works can be seen in the distance in Grange road.
Does anyone remember the Tea/Coffee wagon that used to stand at the bottom of the bridge this side on the corner of Earl Road and Rolls Road at night
This area has all changed today and has been taken over by Tesco.

hi fosney, just come back onto this site after a long absence, and found this wonderful picture,., the alleyway right next to the bridge we called Greyhound terrace my friend Tony Lacey lived in the first house, we used to walk to Bacon school in Grange rd we used to stop on the bridge and look down on all those wonderful working horses. Thanks for sharing and hope I have written this in the right place? Tony

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