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Postby kiwi » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:50 pm

I could be wrong but I have checked and could only find one cul-de-sac off Congreve Street, c1939. So I think this could be Stanford Place?. The rear of Congreve Street would be left, now Chelsfield House.The other side of the houses on the right is the Old Kent Road.
Congreve Street cul de sac to rear 1939. Stanford Place, East Street behind.  X.jpg
Congreve Street cul-de-sac to rear 1939. Stanford Place? East Street behind.

Congreve Street,this is Stanford Place 2018.   X.png
Stanford Place 2018
Congreve Street 2019,looking from East Street,Sandford Place on the right.  X.png
Congreve Street 2019,looking from East Street,Standford Place is on the right.

Below, Stanford Place not Standford Place. :?

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