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An eggstremely smelly story.
In 1915 Bermondsey was flooded with millions of rotten eggs in an incident that became known as the Bermondsey Bad Egg Boom. After war broke out, the council faced the enormous task of getting rid of more than 25 million of them.
How bad was the smell? The locals described it quite graphically: “I have stood by dead bodies that have been in the water for seven or eight weeks. But I could not stand those eggs.” Another visitor to the area remarked that the smell was “bad enough to knock a dog down.”
Destroying the eggs presented big problems for the council, which had been using a machine known as a Destructor without success. The liquid from the eggs kept putting the fires out and they proved very resistant to efforts to smash them with shovels and forks and force them down drains.
Winchester Walk.jpg
Winchester Walk. Back of Borough Market. Loading the smelly eggs. (1915).
winchester walk 1.jpg
New Hibernia House, c 2012.
winchester 3.jpg
New Hibernia House, Winchester Walk,Southwark 2015
2015 mixed use development and penthouse roof extension in the heart of Borough High Street Conservation Area and in the shadow of London's Southwark Cathedral, which is Grade I listed.

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