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Thomas Place

Postby fosney » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:26 am

Thomas Place Extention of Thomas Street which was later to become Kintore Street.
From the 1864 maps we can see Thomas Street marked with red Star on map
As I under stand it Thomas Street with Thomas Place was renamed Kintore Street in 1912 under the LCC renaming scheme but the maps prior to 1912 show it as Kintore Street that in itself is a mystery and its not untill 1864 that Thomas Street and Thomas Place are shown on the map
We can see from the map that St Lukes Church had not been built in 1864 which makes me believe that Thomas Place may have become Kintore Way as we know it today
ThomasPlace.jpg 2.jpg
Thomas Place map
Thomas Place 1935 (Later Kintore Street)

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