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Pages Walk

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:53 pm
by bermondseyboy
Posted by vossy53

Guiness buildings pages walk.jpg
Guiness buildings pages walk

I lived in the old Victorian Guinness Block in Pages Walk. The block was knocked down on the late 1960s to make way for a new block. We moved to Kennington and then back to Pages walk in 1970ish.


Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:42 pm
by kiwi
I Remember these railway houses,we used to tie the knockers together with string when it was foggy, then watch from
Guinness's Buildings, as the people living there kept answering the door, until the penny dropped, we thought it was funny. :lol:

Pages Walk,Bermondsey..jpg
Three bedroom house, now selling from between 800/900 Thousand Pound.


Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:47 am
by kiwi
I can only remember this as Pages Walk School. My biggest memory is watching Stan Anslow, then a Millwall player training a football team in the school grounds. At the time, I never even knew who the team were. Not sure what the year was but sitting on the school steps I would watch in awe because this was Stan Anslow who I would watch down the Den. You can imagine my excitement when one night he asked me if I would like to join in so every week that’s what happened, to this day I have never forgotten it. I posted this memory before on the old site & not expecting to get a reply was pleasantly surprised when this arrived.
Dan 451----- Danny Heard.
Hi Kiwi your right when me and my elder brother Ernie Heard played for Tanners United Pub in Grange walk we went Training with Stan Anslow at Pages walk Knackered afterwards but I’d do it all again. Sadly, a little bit later Danny informed me that his brother Ernie had passed away but he would do it all again just to have his brother back.
That was the first time I knew what the team was called & strangely enough I played against Stan in a round of the Kent Cup in 1961, he was playing for Radfield Rangers me for Urlwin United from Camberwell. I still have the write up from the South London Press as we won 3-2 and I scored. Now if we had lost and I hadn’t scored I wouldn’t have mentioned it. (Show-off) I talked to Stan after the game about the earlier years in Pages Walk, he said he remembered a young kid but that was about it, so I never made much of an impression. Well Danny it seems like only yesterday that we all had that kick around together in Pages Walk School, Ray.


Re: Guinness Buildings

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:49 am
by kiwi
This looks like the middle square ?,not sure of the date but before WW2, as the buildings which were bomb are still there.
Sainbury's Horse & Cart.
Guinness's Buildings,Pages Walk.


Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:13 am
by kiwi
Pages Walk Tank, I think I like it Pink. Did this bit of land belong to the railway at one time? My mate Kenny Everden, who I went to Webb St School with (1947/53) lived in the house with the graffiti. The story of how it came to be on a patch of wasteland in Bermondsey has been the subject of much speculation. Property developer and military enthusiast Russell Gray, 51, bought the machine in 1995, ostensibly as a birthday present for his son, then seven. Bacons School in background.


Pages Walk 1982.  3  X.png
1982 same location as above before the wall was knocked down,Just noticed the chimneys on the house have gone
Pages Walk, woman and children in the laundry room at Guinness’s Buildings, Page's Walk, Bermondsey. 1975.  X.png
Pages Walk, laundry room at Guinness’s Buildings, Page's Walk,1957. X

This is luxury from when I lived there.


Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:31 am
by kiwi
First posted by "crosby34" on old site. This brings back so many memories for me. Clyde Buildings in Pages Walk just before their demolition in the mid-70s?
Clyde Buildings, 1976.

Re: Guinness Buildings

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:36 am
by kiwi
This is part of a number of posts, on the old site regarding the layout of Guinness's Buildings, Pages Walk. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate the other posts,apart from my own. Same with the map which I located on line but another member had already posted the map on the old site so credit should go to them.
As I lived in Guinness’s Buildings for over twenty years (42/63) and we have all mentioned the letters T, S.R & Q on the Blocks & this square would be the end square near Harold Estate. Reading the posts, I think we have explained the lay-out of the flats as four flats on each landing, which is right concerning the two blocks on each end, those being T block by Pages Walk & Q block by Swan Mead. I might be wrong with the block letters, they could be the other way around, only it is a long time ago but I did think where I lived by Swan Mead was Q. Now this is where including myself I think we may have got it wrong, because I think that the two middle blocks S&R instead of four flats on a landing, plus two toilets & a Wash room were designed in a landing, balcony style, (not an outside balcony) I’ll try to explain. You entered the block turned right up a flight of steps; at the top, you turned left again to the end then turned left again, this went on all the way to the top, with flats off the Balcony, I have now found out this is correct. I think I have also read that each block had a number of entrances; I gather this means the complete four blocks together. Only individual blocks T & Q had just one entrance which was the only entry, where there was a bike shed. The two middle blocks S & T had two entrances, the entry and another entrance at the rear which lead to the square behind so people could hang their washing out, though this was locked most of the time, to stop the children running through, they spoilt all our fun.
Guinnesse's Blds,Pages Walk, sqaure plan..jpg
Square Plan of Guinness's Blds, Pages Walk.
Guinness Blds, Pages Walk..jpg
Guinness Blds, Pages Walk


Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:24 am
by kiwi
This is a picture posted on old site by Vossy53.
Here is a picture of grandad Charlie at Cookseys. It was just down Pages Walk towards Grange Road. The houses in the background are near the Earl of Derby (flats now). My Dad says that the barrels in the photo are empty vinegar barrels for Sarsons in Tower Bridge Road (also flats).
My Grandad said that the horse manure was good for Rhubarb. I prefer custard on mine!
The old rag and bone man used to come around on his horse and cart and would buy anything that he could recycle. Including old bones! Cookseys Yard is on the site of houses which were bombed in 1941/2 and my great Aunt Rose Stapleton and her sons were killed in the raid.
Cookseys Yard, Pages Walk.

Like a few other members, I can remember climbing over the barrels in Cooksey’s yard when they belong to Cross & Blackwell’s and eating the Pickled Onions, also when Manfred Mann practiced in the O.B.C. I know the shop on the corner of Pages Walk & Grange Road which has also been mentioned but can anyone remember when it was a Fish & Chip Shop.

Just spoken to my Dad. Clarkes fish and chip shop was next door to Dads Aunt's house but it wasn't demolished in the air raid. It remained as a chip shop until "well after the war" to quote Dad. He says that the shop was on the corner of Pages Walk and you had to go up a couple of steps to the door.

. Can you thank your dad for the information on Clarke’s fish and chip shop in Pages Walk? The name and the steps into the shop jogged the old memory Kiwi.
In earlier years c1921 it was Kunter Isaac, Fishmonger. Kiwi.

[/quoteDibley47:] I can remember this! we used to collect newspaper and bring it here to get money. We were never allowed inside and had to cut the deal at the gate. I say 'deal' but try as we might to up the ante, we always had to accept what was offered. I believe he used to take jam jars as well and I got to thinking about this and wondered why; but in reality, jars must have been pretty rare in those days. I can never remember having bread and jam on regular occasions such as we do now, but only for a treat. Bread and sugar was more common, but not available for the asking only for the swiping when Mum wasn't looking!!

Bermondsey Central, Pages' Walk

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:54 am
by paperboy


Before Bacon's School moved from Grange Road to Pages' Walk, the building was occupied by Bermondsey Central School. Here are three class photos from 1951-6 (or thereabouts) from Bermondsey Central. The uniform was brown with a yellow badge. My elder brother, Bill Ripper, features in all the photos. Can you name any of the others?


Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:15 am
by kiwi
So many memories of this Pub. Boy do I miss pubs like this.
2014, Last Time I was In There With My Son ,It Really Has'nt Changed Much & The Beer Was Just As Good.

The Vic's landlord, Pat McKenna, whose family have run the pub for 30 years. 2014..jpg
The Vic's landlord, Pat McKenna, whose family have run the pub for 30 years. 2014.
Victoria Pub 2014.Where Dad use to live..jpg
Victoria Pub 2014
This was 2014, me and my son over from NZ to see Arsenal at Wembley in the FA Cup Final. We was on our way to Manzes in Tower Bridge Road and decided to have a pint in the Vic. Well we got talking to Pat, who really made us feel welcome, he showed us some old pictures of years ago and he introduced us to some locals and that was that, we never did get to Manzes.
The beer, food and company was good and more new memories to add to the old.

My two sisters Sheila & Jan(Hamilton) visiting the Victoria Pub in 2009.
Sister Jan at the Vic pub Pages Walk.2009..jpg
JAN, sadly no longer with us. 1950-2015, miss you sis x.

Pages Walk 1972, Publicans of the “Victoria” Pages Walk, John & June Sherriff in the Carlton Rex Hotel, Sydney, part of their prize as winners of the London Evening standard's annual London Pub of year.  X.png
Pages Walk 1972, Publicans of the “Victoria” Pages Walk, John & June Sherriff in the Carlton Rex Hotel, Sydney.  X.png

Publicans of the “Victoria” Pages Walk, John & June Sherriff in the Carlton Rex Hotel, Sydney, part of their prize as winners of the London Evening standard's annual London Pub of the Year award, 1972.