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Devon Mansions

Postby bermondseyboy » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:16 pm

Devon Mansions.jpg
Devon Mansions


The Devon Mansion buildings are located on five separate sites spanning a distance of approximately 600 m along the south side of Tooley Street. Details of the five buildings are as follows:

- Building 1 (blocks 1-3) is located between Barnham Street and Druid Street, opposite Potters Fields and the More London complex.

- Building 2 (blocks 4-7) is located between Fair Street and
Tower Bridge Road opposite the former St Olave's Grammar School and statues commemorating Ernest Bevin, British Labour leader, and Samuel Bourne Bevington, the first Mayor of Bermondsey.

- Building 3 (blocks 8-13), otherwise known as Hartland House, is located between Tower Bridge Road and Fair Street, opposite Shad Thames. Strangely enough, Hartland House was originally a public/beer house of some description although there are no remnants of its earlier life, other than a picture in the local studies library which is testament to this fact. It is likely that the pub was converted into flats quite soon after the buildings were built as the Ordnance Survey only ever recorded it as a PH (public house) on one edition.

- Building 4 (blocks 14-19) is located between Fair Street and Tanner Street, opposite Shad Thames.

- Building 5 (blocks 20-21) is located between Tanner Street and Sweeny Crescent, opposite the southern end of St Saviour's Dock.

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Re: Devon Mansions

Postby alantay » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:06 pm

It was interesting to see a photo of Devon Mansions shown, as possibly the only comment I can remember from my Mother saying regarding them was 'Your Nans friend Alf lives in there'.

58'ish years later here I am trying to trace my Nans friend ALFRED. The real irony is when my Mother was talking about ALFRED living at Devon Mansions she didn't even know HE was her father and she died not knowing.

Of course her Mother my Nan never said a word to her daughter, as in the 1919s it was totally taboo for a widow to have additional children without a husband.
Parents what would you do with them?

Perhaps its a shame morals aren't followed today instead of-'Well thats how they do things today'!

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Re: Devon Mansions

Postby bermondseyboy » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:07 pm

Hi Alantay

Yes I do think morals are lacking in todays kids, but as you say morals in the 1919's did leave it's victims. ie. Your Mother who never knew her Dad, and you who never knew his Grandfather.
So perhaps the Kids of today have a point?

We all try to stick with our moral principles but sometimes things happen, especially with feelings.
In the 1919's people were worried what other people thought and kept tight liped.
Today's kids don't care what other people think.

Perhaps a code of conduct rather than too many morals would be a better way.
I do think that even when I was young (many many years ago) we had more consideration to others than the kids and some adults have today, so yes there is certainly something missing.
I have waffled on to much now, thats what my kids tell me? but an interesting subject thanks.


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