Cropper & Co. Ltd. Southwark.

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Cropper & Co. Ltd. Southwark.

Postby kiwi » Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:55 pm

Male employees using "William Crosland" cutting machinery in Cropper and Company's cardboard box factory in Southwark. Cropper & Co. Ltd. cardboard box works occupied a site straddling 30-34 Southwark Bridge Road, 17-22 America Street and 8-14 Keppell Street, Southwark
Cropper & Co. Soark Bridge Rd,1809..jpg
Cropper & Co,Southwark Bridge Road,1908
Cropper & Co,Southwark..jpg
Female bench-hands at work in Cropper & Co, cardboard Factory, 1908.

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