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Postby Sean.Byrne » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:59 am

It sustained bomb damage in WW1. It is not well known that, unlike WW2, London was bombed by Zeppelins. The "Silent Raid" pic is a series of house sculptures commissioned to commemorate the people and places impacted by a WWI Zeppelin bomb that landed on Calmington Road, which once stood where Burgess Park is located today. Reminiscent of the terrace houses that were destroyed in the raid and of varying shades found in traditional red bricks, each house represents one of the lives lost in the incident, with each house; large, medium or small representing each man, woman and child.

Like the bands of colour used in mapping bomb damage, the shade of each house darkens with increased proximity to the bomb site. Every house is etched with a quote from documents and reports on the incident, both past and present. The art deco font used is inspired by the lettering on the original commemorative plaque. A new plaque can be found in Chumleigh Gardens in the centre of the park

The last Zeppelin raid on London in the First World War took place on the night of 19-20 October 1917. The intended target was Sheffield but heavy winds blew Navy Zeppelin L45 off course. After bombing Hendon and Piccadilly Circus, it passed over Elephant and Castle and dropped a 300kg (660lb) bomb on Calmington Road at the junction of Albany Road, Camberwell. Three four-storey houses at 101 and 103 Albany Road and 1 Calmington Road were demolished and twelve more seriously damaged including a fishmonger and a doctor’s surgery. Despite taking shelter in the cellars, ten people were killed and a further 23 or 24 injured. The victims included four members of the Glass family: mother Emma (53) and children Alice (21), Stephen (20), on leave from the Navy, and Emily (8). L45 continued south-eastwards, crossing Queens Road at the junction with Pomeroy Street, and dropping its final bomb on Glenview Road, Hither Green, destroying three houses and killing fifteen more people. This was the last bomb dropped on London by a Zeppelin.

zc 4 red hs.jpg
Silent Raid Memorial
Commemorative Plaque

I could not ascertain if the bomb damage pic is Calmington or Albany

zc3  21   1977.jpg
21 Calmington Road 1977

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